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Turquino Royal Peak on Sierra Maestra, the highest elevation of Cuba

Turquino Royal Peak on Sierra Maestra

The Turquino Royal Peak on Sierra Maestra is considered by its natural values and also for the place that occupies in the national history as a Cuban symbol, the Turquino Peak rise in the same Sierra Maestra heart, the biggest mountain range that conforms a scenario of 17 thousand hectares of rivers, forests, valleys and summits crowned by this elevation.

The Turquino Peak is the highest elevation of Cuba, with about 1 974 meters on the level of the sea. To arrive until their peak it is necessary to ascend and to lower for abrupt places, with a great variety of species of the flora and the fauna, some endemic ones as the Sabicú, the Savin, the Oak of Maestra, ferns and birds like the Cartacuba, the Tocororo and the Zunzún.

Calls the attention the variety and the state of conservation of the landscapes. Beautiful rivers and springs refresh the ascent to the three higher elevations of the island, the Turquino Royal Peak, to 1 974 meters on the level of the sea, call the Roof of Cuba; the Cuba Peak (1 834 m) and the Suecia Peak (1 732 m).

The temperature average oscillates between the 16°C and the 25°C and the biggest rain volumes they register in the months of July, September and October, on the other hand, February, March and April are amazingly dry.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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