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Climbing in Santiago de Cuba

If you want to climb, to climb, to mount or like want to call to the ascent of blocks; we suggest you the most spectacular in the insular Caribbean located in the oriental region of the island, in Santiago de Cuba. The whole south of the county and near the coast, skirting the sheer the Sierra Mestra mountains, it is exclusive place for those that like of the exploration of unpublished sectors and blinding blocks; but in this case on igneous rocks of granite textures emerged makes millions of years of the bowels of the Earth and crystallized in a deep area of the bark denominated intrusivas or plutónicas; of the tertiary period composed by volcanic rocks.

Four sectors and more than 50 blocks, some that overcome the 7m of high are reported until the moment. But hundred of these gigantic rocks spread by the south of the "Hot Earth" await for avid and resolved blocks climbers to prove a season in the virgin Caribbean monoliths.

Climbing in Santiago de Cuba

Prado de las Esculturas

Located in the Guasimas town, in the highway that goes to Siboney, to take the highway to the Great Stone and about 200m to the left the Sculptures Grassland Contemplative Park appears later. With more than 30 blocks it is the most diverse and attractive in all those reported.


It is located in the highway to Baconao, passing the Oasis town; subsequently takings the highway that goes to the Hotel Bucanero and a 1 Km you begin to sight the monoliths to both sides of the highway. Approximately 30 blocks of diverse dimensions in their intact majority. We recommend him to request permission to the proprietors of the lands.


After the town of the Oasis, you arrives to the Prehistory Valley. Once inside of and to the left of the Dinosaurs Lagoon, northwest direction inside the herdsmen of the cows and among the trees more than 7 blocks await to be climbed.

Punta Ventura

Highway toward Baconao and 2km after the gas station , to follow trip for the highway of the left that goes to the Cars Museum. Subsequently 50m to the left to alone 20m of the highway will contemplate the "Mega Block" a Gigantic Monolith of about 7m of high and approximately 8 of diameter; it fences other hidden ones they exist among the bushes.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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