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Fishing in Lake Hanabanilla

Fishing in Lake Hanabanilla

Trout fishing in the Hanabanilla Lake is one of the favorite pastimes for visitors, who always release their catch, thus contributing to preserving the lake's fauna. Perhaps the best location to go bass fishing in Cuba is Lake Hanabanilla, located between Santa Clara and Trinidad, where there is a bass guide at the hotel. Lake Hanabanilla is by far the most beautiful reservoir in Cuba, and this hotel has real bass boats to fish out of (in most other reservoirs you will fish out of a wooden row boat).

The Hanabanilla Lake has a surface area of 14.9 square kilometers (5.8 square miles). In the aboriginal language, Hanabanilla means "small golden basket", a true reference to the natural wealth of the region, formerly known as Siguanea Valley, where Galician immigrants settle down centuries ago to cultivate coffee.

The Hanabanilla Lake has jetties for the one it robs of the crafts that offer fluvial trips toward Black River, the peasant's House, the Niche and the Curtain of the Prey; it has five boats for the fishing and two ships that allow to receive at the same time up to 80 visitors, in journey and lunch in the restaurant of Black River.

In the place, the fishing of the trout constitutes one of the activities of more interest for the visitors, now by means of the well-known method as "mark and it liberates", contributing this way to preserve the fauna of the lake.

The nature offer contemplates programs like that of the path El Nicho, which traffics for the mountain next to the high bed of the Hanabanilla River and numerous jumps of water in succession, in a qualified landscape of marvel for the vacationers.

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