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Fishing in Lake Zaza

Fishing in Lake Zaza

The Zaza Lake is the largest man-made reservoir in Cuba, famous for the fishing of excellent trouts and programs that promote the practice of this sport. It is located in the Sancti Spíritus province in the center Cuba, 10 kilometers (6 miles) to the southeast of the Sancti Spíritus city. Has an water mirror area of 113.5 km² (43.8 sq mile).

The reservoir has dedicated areas exclusively to the sport fishing, although it is also feasible the capture of species of water in other deposits like Lebrije and The Happiness, and in the River Agabama, preferably among the months of November to April.

The trouts of great size are among the species that attract the attention of the professional fishermen, sábalos, cuberas, pargos and swear them. Especially the trout ends up reaching sizes that point out it among the best from her species to international level.

For the practices it of this sport in the Hotel Zaza located in the riveras of the lake facilities like the readiness of specialized guides and motor boats they are offered.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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