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Fishing in Club Casa Batida, Cayo Largo del Sur

Casa Batida is a fishing organization in Cayo Largo del Sur. With some 140 miles of natural marine reserve, the total fishing area is divided in 6 sectors. The fishing club has only 6 boats available with a maximum of 12 persons per week. Each sector is so enormous that it can easily fit six boats for each sector.

The fishing club Casa Batida is very well-known for the variety of existent fishes in its surroundings, where the good known species are: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon and Jack Crevalle; other species like Barracuda, Porgy, Jewfish and Cubera is part besides its marine universe. The general rule is that you will fish every day one different sector. The fishing is superb at Cayo Largo. Some of the best Tropical Fly Fishing have ever experienced. Every sector have it’s own surprises and it seems to be that every flat has their own species.

Fishing in Lake Hanabanilla

Fishing Seasons

November/January: The beginning of the season in the fishing club Casa Batida is very good with plenty of bonefish (especially big ones) on the flats and mangrove areas. Fishing for tarpon and other species can also be excellent. It is a very pleasant period to plan a trip to Cayo Largo as the weather is much warmer in Cuba than in Europe or Northern America.

February/June: The peak season in the fishing club Casa Batida is from February to June when all species are present in the area such as tarpon, permit and jack. Migratory tarpon, up to 800/100lbs (average 15/30lbs) are regularly spotted and casts to permit are very frequent. This period is the best to try the Gland Slam. Many Grand Slams are made each season and also some Super Grand Slams (Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and Snook).

July/August: In the late season in the fishing club Casa Batida the weather gets hot but the fishing is still very productive, especially for tarpon and permit. Fishing for bonefish is also very good in the morning and in the evening. The statistics are very interesting. They show that the same number of fish are caught during the hot months, however, by half the number of rods.

Most of the fishermen come between March and June. The summer months July and August are even as good as fishing in Spring. In fact these two months supposed to be the best months for Tarpon and Permit and the Bones bite even so hard as April or May. Above all the prices are much lesser than in high season.

The fishing club Casa Batida is the best place to combine the relaxing, the diving, the fishing and the distraction. Oneself can organize our own work calendar, beginning with the fishing sections, until looking at videos and fishing magazines, to listen music, to walk besides your colleagues and a tourist guide at your disposal or just to relax sat down on a sofa.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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