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Biosphere, Fauna and Flora in Cuba Naturaleza
Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Fishing in Cuba Naturaleza

Cuba is an exceptional scenario for those who want to go fishing in the Caribbean, species of small and larger size cohabit in the Cuban seas, enriched by stable currents of warm temperatures and an abundant geography in healthy coralline reefs, caverns and tunnels, submarine plains and walls and in the interior waters in natural and artificial lakes.

The fishing is excellent in Cuba, whether you are interested in game fishing for mackerel, tuna, or swordfish in the north west of the island, fly-fishing for bass and other fish in locations such as Cienaga de Zapata, and shore-casting at Jardines de la Reina.

In the winter season attracts emperors, breastplates and golden, while the needle fish and the casteros can be found in summer, and in all time you can find chernas, pargos, macabíes, sábalos and palometas in their habitat.

In the reservorios of interiors waters, lakes and rivers species like the trouts of great size, sabalos and cuberas they are the trophies to reach for the lovers of the fishing besides the enjoyment of the natural environment that surrounds the same ones.

Among the best location for fishing we can name Lake Hanabanilla, Cienaga de Zapata, Lake Zaza and Cayo Largo.

You can discover Cuba in your own way with the help of the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Rich in biodiversity, you will discover the vast and vibrant world of birds, all found in the Birds of Cuba, considered the best and most reliable book in its field. However, for the adrenaline junky, climbing in Cuba could give you a holiday of real excitement! Thanks to the copious amounts of locations and routes, all listed in the Cuba Climbing Guide Book.

Fishing in Lake Hanabanilla

Lake Hanabanilla

Trout fishing in the Hanabanilla Lake is one of the favorite pastimes for visitors, who always release their catch, thus contributing to preserving the lake's fauna. Perhaps the best location to go bass fishing in Cuba is Lake Hanabanilla, located between Santa Clara and Trinidad, Lake Hanabanilla is by far the most beautiful reservoir in Cuba ... more info.

Fishing in Cienaga de Zapata

Cienaga de Zapata

Zapata´s Marshland is the largest swampy area in Cuba. La Salina is home to an important population of bonefish, permit and barracuda. Hatiguanico river flows from a huge freshwater, clear spring. There are manatees, crocodiles and, for sport fishing, tarpon and snook .... more info.

Fishing in Lake Zaza

Lake Zaza

The Zaza Lake is the largest man-made reservoir in Cuba, famous for the fishing of excellent trouts and programs that promote the practice of this sport ... more info.

Fishing in Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo

Casa Batida is a fishing organization in Cayo Largo del Sur. With some 140 miles of natural marine reserve, the total fishing area is divided in 6 sectors. Each sector is so enormous that it can easily fit six boats for each sector ... more info.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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