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Black-Cowled Oriole (Icterus dominicensis)

The Black-Cowled Oriole in Cuba Scientific name: Icterus Dominicensis
Common name (english): Black-Cowled Oriole
Common name (spanish): Solibio

The Black-Cowled Oriole, also known in Cuba as Solibio, is not endemic to Cuba. It can be find in Central America, Bahamas and Greater Antilles.

The Black-Cowled Oriole is a small bird (20cm) living in the subtropical and tropical forest, moist lowland forests, mangrove and plantations. Which means you can find it everywhere in Cuba, even in small villages and parks.

Its diet is mainly composed by flowers, nectar, fruit and small insect.Male and female have the same plumage, black with yellow patches on shoulders and underwings.
It has black eyes, beak and legs, but the upper parts of the legs have yellow feathers.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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