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Cuban Screech Owl (Otus lawrencii)

Cuban Screech Owl or Cuban Bare-Legged Owl Scientific name: Otus lawrencii or Margarobyas lawrencii
Common name (english): Cuban Screech Owl or Cuban Bare-Legged Owl
Common name (spanish): Sijú Cotunto

The Cuban Screech Owl, endemic to Cuba is also known as Bare-Legged Owl due to the absence of feathers on his long legs.

Otus Lawrencii (or Margarobyas lawrencii) is a small owl, approximately 22 centimetres, with a large head without ear-tufts. The eyes are brown with white eye-brows. The back of the owl and the top of the head are brown mottled with white. The throat and belly are greyish/white.

The Cuban Bare-legged Owl is a strictly nocturnal bird that you can find everywhere in Cuba in dense and preserve wooded areas. It generally nests in natural tree holes but can also be find in abandoned woodpeckers holes.

Small reptiles and insects are its main diet.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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