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Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis), a tyrant flycatcher

Pitirre Abejero Scientific name: Tyrannus dominicensis
Common name (english): Gray Kingbird
Common name (spanish): Pitirre Abejero

The Grey Kingbird is part of the large family of the tyrant flycatcher. They are known to defend fiercely their territory from any intruders but also to catch in the fly their prey, mainly flying insect. They also include in their diet lizard and small fruit.

In Cuba, the Pitirre Abejero (pitirre is refering to the sound it does) can be a permanent resident and transient. It is found all over the island in the open forest, farm, park and town.

The adult Grey Kingbird measures 23cm. The upper part is grey and has brownish tail and wings. Below is white. The bill is black, long and large with a little hook at the tip of the upper part.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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