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Biosphere, Fauna and Flora in Cuba Naturaleza
Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Reptiles in Cuba Naturaleza

Cuba possesses 136 species of reptiles, of which are endemic around 80%. More than half of our reptiles (some 90 species) they are lizards. One of the two smaller lizards of the world is endemic Cuban, the "Salamanquita" (Sphaerodactylus schwartzi) whose adults reach about 3 cm of longitude. Among of the most archaic reptiles in Antilles we can name the "Cuban night lizard" (Cricosaura typica) that inhabits the oriental region from "Cabo Cruz" until "El Uvero".

The snakes and the majáes form important other group of reptiles with a total of 26 species, the most common is the Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer). The Cuban Crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer), exclusive of our island that inhabits at the moment in Cienaga de Zapata. The popular Common Cuban Slider (Trachemys decussata) is the only representative of the turtles of fresh water. The Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila nubila), an endemic iguana of Cuba of the species Cyclura nubila inhabits the entirety island of Cuba.

You can discover Cuba in your own way with the help of the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Rich in biodiversity, you will discover the vast and vibrant world of birds, all found in the Birds of Cuba, considered the best and most reliable book in its field. However, for the adrenaline junky, climbing in Cuba could give you a holiday of real excitement! Thanks to the copious amounts of locations and routes, all listed in the Cuba Climbing Guide Book.

Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer)

Cuban Crocodile

The Cuban crocodile is a small species (2.4 meters average length) of crocodile found only in Cuba's Zapata Swamp and the Isle of Youth... more info.

Cuban Boa (Epicrates angulifer)

Cuban Boa

The Cuban Boa know as Majá de Santamaría is an endangered island-dwelling animal and is one of the larger species of boa of this genus.... more info.

Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila nubila)

Cuban Rock Iguana

The Cuban Rock Iguana (Cyclura nubila nubila) is a large, omnivorous iguana found on the island of Cuba. Is one of the world's most impressive iguanas... more info.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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