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Bocourt's encyclia (Encyclia bocourtii), endemic to the Guanahacabibes Peninsula

Bocourt's encyclia (Encyclia bocourtii)Orquidea Mariposa (Encyclia bocourtii)
Scientific name: Encyclia bocourtii
Common name (english): Bocourt's encyclia
Common name (spanish): Orquidea Mariposa

The Bocourt's encyclia (Encyclia bocourtii) , endemic to the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, is found in a limited area and is rare there. The epithet bocourtii is in honour of our botanical illustrator, José L Bocourt Vigil, for his dedication to the study of Cuban orchids.

The Bocourt's encyclia (Encyclia bocourtii) has been recently described with a simple to paniculate inflorescence with several to many flowers.

The Bocourt's encyclia (Encyclia bocourtii) is closely related to E. fucata, from which it is distinguished by the size of flower segments, almost double in lenght, and the lateral lobes shorter than the midlobe and not reflexed at apex. The new species also resembles the sympatric E. acutifolia, but it can be distinguished from it by the lateral lobes of the lip, shorter than the mid-lobe, and the non-replicate midlobe.

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