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Biosphere, Fauna and Flora in Cuba Naturaleza
Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Birdwatching in Cuba Naturaleza

The bird watching is an activity that contribute considerable scientific-economic benefits to several countries of clean ecosystems. Cuban birds included 25 endemic species which are a valuable treasure that the birders will obtain after not few sacrifices for that entangled of the habitat and the difficulty to locate them.

There are some Cuban birds of such an originality that transcend the geography of the Island, as the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world, and other not very well-known as the fascinating Cuban Trogon, the national bird. Birdwatchers may feast their eyes on the Aparecido de San Diego (Cyanerpes cyaneus), one of the most beautiful birds of the entire Cuban archipelago and the Cabrero (Spindalis zena) with an unbelievable combination of colors in its feathers with an incredible mixture of yellow, black, white, brown and green.

In Cuba are present 354 species of the 558 species reported in the Caribbean, which them 285 species live regularly in the territory, 66 are casual and 3 are extinct. Cuba is an obligatory stop for numerous migratory routes of birds that raise in the continental areas, also is a winter establishment of many species that look for a more benign climate for its development.

There are amazing locations for the birdwatchers in Cuba such as: Sierra del Rosario (Pinar del Río), Cienaga de Zapata with great endemismo and ornithological diversity and location of the Bird Watching International Center. Other stuning areas are the North Wetland in Ciego de Avila, Sierra del Escambray, Sierra Maestra, Gran Piedra and the National Park Alejandro de Humboldt.



Bird Watching in Cienaga de Zapata

Cienaga de Zapata

Ornithologists say that the Zapata Peninsula is one of the best place for bird watching in Cuba. Two hundred and eighteen of the 350 species of bords that have been reported in Cuba -62 percent of the total- can be seen on the Peninsula ... more info.

Bird Watching in Sierra del Rosario

Mil Cumbres & Sierra del Rosario

Mil Cumbres & Sierra del Rosario in Pinar del Rio province conforms one of the best birdwatching area in Cuba. Two specialities found quite easily here are the near-endemic Olive-capped Warbler and the endemic Cuban Solitaire .... more info.

Bird Watching in Ciego de Avila

Ciego de Ávila

In Gran Humedal del Norte de Ciego de Ávila bird watching and other attributes of the environment are charming, it is the area of the island where more varieties of birds inhabit, besides having one of the biggest colonies in rosy flamenco of the Caribbean ... more info.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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