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Canyoning in Cuba Naturaleza

The Canyoning it is outdoors a modality of sport adventure, it consists, as their name it indicates, in descending along the natural cuts that there is in the mountain, produced, almost always, for the erosion of the water. This adventure sport demands a good knowledge of technical special of descent like the rapel in water cascades and also a good knowledge of the dynamic behavior of the water. To walk, to swim, to jump or to submerge under the waters of the siphons completes this activity so varied. It is a sport of risk, for what is indispensable to keep in mind all the safety measures.

The shortage of rivers of wide flow propitiates that they are not in Cuba powerful waterfalls, just as it happens in other regions of the planet. Nevertheless, in our wide areas of mountains it is possible to not find few rivers with jumps of water, virtually unknown but considerably attractive many times where the nature stays practically virgin. For the great quantity of limestone that exists in Cuba many of them has underground courses, what develops their irregularity.

This sport modality outdoors has found in Cuba phenomenal places for its practice as the worldwide well-known Caburni in the Topes de Collantes National Park, the Salton in the Sierra Maestra, in the Canyon of Soroa and some potentially interesting and representative the Mesura and the Alejandro of Humboldt National Park where is Salto Fino.

Canyoning in Sierra Maestra

Salton in Sierra Maestra

The Salton river one is ideal for practices it of the canyoning, basically without a high level of difficulty and without extra positions anyone that arrives until here could make the itinerary ... more info.

Canyoning in Topes de Collantes

Caburni in Topes de Collantes

The trails are snaking in a nice forest with magnificent sierra scenery. The canyon descent lasts 4 to 6 hours, since the streams have a good horizontal development between the cascades .... more info.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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